• This MOOC is a dedicated e-learning environment of the mAkE project, aiming to establish a joint learning space for African and European DIH networks. The courses are organised around 05 main themes: Organizational development, Collaborations and Opportunities, Business and Makerspaces, Information and communication, Mediation science -society for social innovation.

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Welcome to the Open Makerspace Toolkit Training of the Trainer Workshop!

We're thrilled to have you join this Training of Trainers Workshop for the Open Makerspace Toolkit (OMT). As facilitators, you embark on a crucial mission: equipping others to create vibrant and impactful makerspaces within their communities. This toolkit, crafted by mAkE, offers a wealth of resources and strategies for promoters and managers of makerspaces to enhance their offerings and engage their communities.

Building sustainable impact economies within makerspaces involves establishing business models aimed at fostering social, environmental, and economic well-being within these creative hubs. These models focus on creating positive impacts while generating revenue and supporting local communities. Choices include offering services, supporting startups, and providing training to empower individuals and businesses within the makerspace ecosystem. This section provides insights into business models for building sustainable impact economies within makerspaces, highlighting their potential impacts, advantages, challenges, and complementary models tailored to the unique context of these creative hubs. This chapter is built on the the Open Business catalog developed by WP1 oif the mAkE project. 

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